Andrew Reynolds’ Cash on Demand System Makes Student £500,000 Profit

New students of Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system home study course are often surprised to discover that Andrew shares money-making projects with his students.

The only requisite Andrew insists on, is that a student has proved they understand the Cash on Demand system (COD). Students he shares projects and profits with have all first applied the COD system to their own projects.

Until a student is making money from their COD system projects, Andrew Reynolds can’t be sure they know how to apply the system. And if he handed over a project before someone has that knowledge, it would result in the student losing money instead of making it. So it is for their sake, Andrew works in this way.

Here is an example of a COD system project Andrew shared with a student…

Andrew Reynolds had received an email from an ex-truck driver regarding a product he was marketing. Andrew was intrigued. Using COD system strategic principles Andrew followed it up, eventually contacting the ex-truck driver with an offer. The ex-truck driver and Andrew struck a deal.

Andrew Reynolds then set up this product as a new COD system project. However, at the time, Andrew was also busy on another COD system project. Andrew only does 3 or 4 projects a year (something he advises his students to also do) simply because money is not the most important thing in life.

One of Andrews COD system students was looking for a new COD system product at the same time, so Andrew  gave him the ex-truck driver for his next project.

The student applied the COD system and along with a couple of other small projects, made profits of around half a million pounds.

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