Cash on Demand to cash for those who really need help

Cash on Demand to cash for those who really need help

Born and raised in a caravan, Andrew Reynolds spent most of his early life struggling at school.  The years that followed proved no more fruitful as he drifted from one meaningless unfulfilling job to another.  And so this pattern continued until the age of 40 when he begun to develop something he came to call Cash on Demand.

Cash on Demand, so what is it?

Put simply it is a business model … a system if you like … which Andrew developed for the UK after talking to a gentlemen in America using a similar system to make what was back then to Andrew, a small fortune.

It couldn’t have been better timed either as it came when his own life was spiraling down fast.  He was virtually penniless and on the edge of despair.  Yet despite this, thanks to the Cash on Demand business he set up in his spare room at home, Andrew’s life was to take a dramatic turn.  So dramatic he quickly became a millionaire at the age of just 45, and the more he developed and ‘tweaked’ the Cash on Demand system he was using, the more the money flowed until at the age of 50, he had become a Multi-Millionaire.

In addition to the money, and the obvious leap in the standard of his lifestyle, testament to Andrew’s Cash on Demand business model came in the form in the personal recognition he received through achievements such as winning the coveted Surrey Business person of the Year Award together with the Small Business of the Year Award.

Further awards quickly followed including Business Event of the Year and Best UK and International Conference for his sold-out Entrepreneurs Bootcamp –  a charity event which he held at the prestigious O2 Arena in London.  Here in front of 8,000 aspiring and excited home based entrepreneurs from all over the world, among other things Andrew talked in depth about his journey and the role the Cash on Demand system he had developed played in it.  It still remains just about the most successful business seminar ever to be held in the UK.

An event, which still remains one of Andrew’s proudest moments.  Not however because of the awards which followed its enormous success and the personal recognition he received, but for one simple reason – The £700,000 it raised for the Make-a-Wish Foundations Children’s Charity.  Handing over a cheque for a charity which means a lot to Andrew – a charity which helps to fulfill the wishes of often terminally ill children – was a feeling he’ll never forget.  And is thanks directly to his efforts in developing the Cash on Demand business model over the preceding years.

Actually it is also thanks to the way Cash on Demand works that soon after this event, Andrew appeared a number of times on Sky television, as well as BBC1 and BBC2 number of times, to chat about an initiative he funded called ‘Make Your mark with a Tenner’ whose aim it was to teach young people about making money on a limited budget and the importance of social responsibility, a subject Andrew has become passionate about.

Yes, thanks to the Cash on Demand system he has accumulated much personal wealth, but because of his background, especially his early formative years of struggle, he has always known the importance of putting something back into society.  Its been a incredible journey from that caravan where he started out in life, a journey he’ll certainly never forget – or forget to pass on the knowledge he has gleaned upon the way onto those who really need a helping hand.

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