Jane Somner and her business secret

The secret behind the business that Jane Somner started and built up from scratch at home from her kitchen table is Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand course

Jane Somner  became a subscriber to the course and studied the simple step by step business methods that Andrew Reynolds himself had used to start and build his own business at home.

(If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of Jane Somner  , a fully updated version of that course is now available – Cash On Demand 2.0 – available at www.ec.tv . The full course starts with a FREE 30 day risk free trial includes three DVds, a CD and various other materials – so you get a good insight into what the course is about – just as Jane Somner did.)

Jane Somner began her business after suffering a knock back in an old business she and her husband were running – a telesales business for accountants

“The Cash ON Demand business that we now run is nothing like the old business we had” says Jane Somner “Its so simple to understand and once you know where to find new products, you can keep repeating the same results time after time

In fact Jane Somner and her husband have now gone on to pull in over £1.1million in the four years since they started –an amazing result for someone whose previous business had got them into huge debt. For Jane Somner and her family – things have taken a turn for the better since starting with Cash On Demand.

“In fact things have reached the point – just as Andrew said they would” says Jane Somner “that we are able to automate most of the mundane tasks – using a fulfilment house to take care of orders, customer queries, sending out the products, dealing with returns and day-to-day matters. “Jane Somner and her husband now just work part time putting new products together – and enjoying the Cash ON Demand business lifestyle in their home by the sea.

For more details of the Jane Somner success story – go to www.ec.tv and sign up for a FREE trial package

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