Jane Somner Cash on Demand £1 Million Pounds Success

The Jane Somner Cash on Demand success story began when Jane and her husband were in financial difficulties around 4 years ago and when they first started studying the Cash on Demand course. They had been running a business themselves out of offices, with all the overhead costs that that involves including rental of the office, loads of staff, phone bills, electric bills, heating bills, insurances etc. In the Jane Somner Cash on Demand success story, Jane is the first one to admit that the business was not doing well and in fact was actually losing money. “Some weeks we were paying ourselves far less than we were actually paying the staff, which was crazy” says Jane Somner. Clearly something had to change.

Jane Somner and her husband decided to close down the business and to look for another way to earn money. They had learnt from their previous business experience that having huge overheads were a huge drain on the profitability of the company. They therefore decided that they wanted to look for a business which they could run from home without any overheads.

According to Cash on Demand published by Andrew Reynolds was the way forward and they decided to see if they could replicate the success that he had had with his Cash on Demand business.

The Jane Somner Cash on Demand  success story began when., following exactly the guidelines given in the Cash on Demand course Jane put together a simple 2 CD set to be sold to the market. “We followed exactly the marketing techniques that Andrew had taught in very simple to understand, step by step language in the Cash on Demand course” says Jane Somner “and having launched our first product we were absolutely delighted to find that within just 7 weeks of starting my husband and I had banked over £87,958.61”

In fact the Jane Somner Cash on Demand success story has continued and over the 4 years since Jane and her husband started their Cash on Demand business they have now pulled in over £1,132,800.98. In other words the Cash on Demand business, run part time from their kitchen table and their spare room at home has averaged over £5,196.33 per week every week for the last 4 years. A huge turnaround to where they were before.

“Having that level of income has meant that we’ve been able to pay off our credit card debts, to clear our personal loans, and to indulge ourselves in buying a brand new car (a Mercedes) and also to fulfil our lifetime ambition which was to have our own boat” says Jane. “Starting a business using the fundamentals we were taught in the Cash on Demand course is probably the best thing we ever did in our lives” says Jane Somner.

You can read the full Jane Somner Cash on Demand success story at www.cash-on-demand.co.uk

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