Pay as you go trial system – the real ‘no-brainer’ way forward

Just announced – a high end business training workshop with a whole years ongoing training to show students how to make money from social media sites such as Linked in, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and the many others. The Pay as you go trial payment plan however allows students who would otherwise be unable to pull together the full tuition fees of around £5,000, in one go. The trial allows you to participate for a manageable monthly payment of just £199 plus vat. (The vat on the Pay as you go trial can be reclaimed and the whole cost of the training can be claimed against future profits as a business expense)

The trial is a great way of testing out this amazing new system for making money online using social media sites…not only because you get to spread the payments over a manageable period – but with the Pay as you go trial you also get a double guarantee – including a unique one year money back guarantee

Simply put, the trial guarantee offers you the opportunity to make money with the system – and if you use the system as you are shown and fail to make money – you not only get a refund of your fees – but you also get a £2,000 bonus for taking part in the Pay as you go trial. Of course, there is some work to do – but a money back guarantee for a whole year makes the trial something quite unique.

The Pay as you go trial is open to existing students of the Cash On Demand course – though the social media system has nothing whatsoever to do with Cash On Demand. Pay as you go trial is a whole new way of making money – using social media

The Pay As You Go Trial website is at

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