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New rules on inspecting, assessing government websites and new media outlets

Updated: Apr 18,2019 5:22 PM

Operations of nationwide government websites and new media outlets should be inspected semi-annually, and supervision of them be assessed annually, according to a circular released by the general office of the State Council on April 18.

According to the circular, a government website or new media outlet will be assessed as unqualified if any of the following problems are found: disclosure of state secrets, occurrence of safety accidents, or failure to update homepages, among others.

Their evaluation points will deducted if there are any defects in releasing news and policy analysis, offering government service, or responding to users’ messages and inquiries, among others.

Meanwhile, a government website or new media portal will get bonus points if data can be updated in a timely manner, policies can be interpreted accurately, or high-quality government service can be provided, among others.


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