Success with the Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand System

When Andrew Reynolds flew to America some twelve years ago it was to mark the start of an eight year journey to develop a system that would literally give you Cash on Demand.

Yet his passion to find a better way to live, to be free from debt and have the freedom to enjoy lots of time with the people in your life that matter to you, began almost as far back as his childhood.

During his teenage years he had a revelation about the world of money. He noticed how wannabe rock stars would live a life of great hardship simply because they were determined to succeed. They wanted that all important record deal.

Days and nights would be spent, strumming guitars and dreaming up words and music. Finally the all important demo of two or three of their new songs would be made, often recorded onto a cheap audio cassette tape recorder perched on a kitchen table.

They would then send their demos to the A&R (Artists & Repertoire) department of a record company, hoping the A&R men would sign them up for a lucrative record deal.

Of course they faced tough competition. The departments were swamped with demos.

Then, a new breed of individuals started working in the music business. They were entrepreneurs who spotted a great opportunity. They could see there was a ready made hungry market (the fans) and all they had to do was go out and look for a product (rock bands/songs) that the fans would buy into.

Independent record labels sprung up almost overnight.

In short, the entrepreneur’s role was to simply position himself between the band and the audience…to put the two together if you like. And for his reward, all he had to basically do was stand in the middle and collect the cash.

Andrew Reynolds made a note of this brilliant business model and years later was to install it as part of his Cash on Demand system but in a whole lot easier way than with the music industry.

The result is that Andrew Reynolds banks well over a £1,000,000 a year from his Cash on Demand system.

Individual students of Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand system are also pulling in a million pound a year.

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